Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Kit Review

Excalibur Ibex SMFExcalibur introduces a well balanced and compact deadly crossbow in form of the IBEX SMF. An excellent crossbow which is ergonomically designed offers powerful shooting ability with extreme accuracy. It is backed with 175 lb. shooting platform and thumbhole stock which makes it smooth and silent killer crossbow. Shooters can easily cross the arrow speed of 305 FPS without exerting much force.

This crossbow is light weight with 175 pounds draw and produces high kinetic energy making use of its high grade string. To match its high energy and improve the functionality it comes with rope cocking aid, crossbow scope, a quiver four arrows, field points, and additional mounting hardware.


Excalibur’s Ibex SMF crossbow offers so excellent features. Its pinpoint accuracy is a must for hunters to shoot with precision. Backed with light and durable frame this crossbow can be used by anyone without any troubles. For females and young adults it is easy to cock the crossbow making use of rope cocking ber reinforced composite “SMF” shooting platfaide offered in the package.


The package measures 38 x 17 x 11 inches and weighs 7 pounds with total shipping weight of 11.1 pounds. The product is not eligible for international shipping. Complete specifications:

  • Arrow Velocity of 305 FPS
  • Draw Weight-175 lbs
  • Stock Type-Thumbhole
  • 14.5″ Power Stroke
  • Supported Arrow Length-20″
  • Mass Weight-5.9 lbs
  • Overall Length of 36.3″
  • Arrow Weight-350 Grains
  • Finish-Realtree AP HD

Pros and Cons

best crossbowFirst time users of this crossbow are simply falling in love with it because of many reasons. Light weight and compact, it also offers ability to uncock without firing the arrow. Power and speed produced by the crossbow is in plenty and can easily hit far off targets. Scope is easy to use and adds accuracy to shots. Arrow puller is provided to help easily drive out the arrows from the target. Target cannot escape as the bow is fired at 305 FPS speed. So with such amazing features, this crossbow becomes a must have.

On the downside the cocking needs little power and can be tough for someone with weak upper body to cock it. Quiver is complained by some users to hold the arrows tightly but this is not something that is a major distraction.

If you want to hunt with a crossbow, there cannot be a better choice. The Excalibur Ibex SMF Crossbow Kit with SMF Scope is an excellent product. Above all it is highly affordable at the price it is offered. A great value for your money!

SA Sports Empire Beowulf 360FPS Crossbow Review

SA Sports Empire BeowulfThe SA Sports Empire Beowulf is another addition to the all new line of crossbows by the brand. It is one of the top quality crossbows designed for avid shooters and hunters. Due to its compact design and high end engineering it is one of the quietest crossbows which are capable of shooting at tremendous speed of 360 FPS. There is lot to be liked about Empire Beowulf.


Empire Beowulf is one of those few crossbows which are designed to be highly consistent and powerful at delivering long shots. To make it the quietest killer machine the stock of the crossbow is kept lightweight using synthetic material. For more compactness the riser assembly is kept smaller. This makes sure that the user doesn’t have any space problems. The crossbow achieves the blazing fast speed of 360 FPS which make this crossbow one of the most efficient and fastest crossbows in the market.

All in all it is one of the finest crossbows offering great speed along with accuracy at a highly affordable price.


The overall product dimensions are 34.5 x 22 x 8 inches with a weight of 7 pounds (total shipping weight-10.7 pounds). Product cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Arrow Speed of 360 FPS
  • 175 pounds Draw Weight
  • 6.5 pounds Mass Weight
  • 14”Power Stroke
  • 19” Axle to Axle Length

Pros and Cons

Not only the looks but the firing power of the Empire Beowulf is what attracts most of the users. It is made from quality materials and is durable. With high precision and 360 FPS arrow velocity, it can take down any target in no time. It does not have any complicated assembly parts and so it can be assembled in few minutes on arrival. Cocking the bow is effortless thereby making it suitable for anyone to use.

On the downside some users have complained that bolts start to wear out easily after few arrow shots. So take care when using the same.

SA Sports Empire Beowulf is recommended for a number of reasons. For the price it is offered and the speed and accuracy of powerful arrow shots it delivers, it is a great value for the money you pay. After you buy your brand new crossbow we recommend that you check out this guide. It is really useful for beginners and even for more experienced users.

Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit Review

Jaguar CR-013 There are only very few crossbows which are powerful and reliable and priced under $300. For first time crossbow users the JAGUAR CR-013 Series Crossbow is most recommended crossbow. It is designed to be very much useful for avid hunters. Offered for such economic price, CR-013 crossbow is a powerful killing machine. You get shoulder strap for easily accommodating this crossbow while shooting and a 30 mm red dot shot to use with this crossbow.

With this crossbow you can easily generate the arrow velocity of 245 FPS.


This crossbow is specially focused on beginners who are trying to make use of re-curve crossbow for the first time. You can see the list of other bestselling re-curve and compound crossbows on crossbowadvisor.com. They have many crossbow reviews and helpful guides for new hunters. The Jaguar is highly recommended for new users as it is on budget but highly efficient crossbow. So what are you thinking of? Get set go and have this one now. But before you buy, here is the complete features of this crossbow including:

  • Arrow speeds of 245 ft. per second
  • 34.5” length
  • Four 16” bolts
  • 7 level brightness adjustment
  • Composite stock rifle style fiberglass crossbow
  • Available in black and camo finishes
  • 3 dot 30mm red dot scope
  • 6 bolt detachable quiver

There is a lot this crossbow has to offer. Using the red dot scope it is easy to focus on targets within 40-50 yards range with high accuracy.


The overall dimension of the product is 30 x 14 x 6 inches and it weighs 7 pounds. It is not shipped to some parts in US like NY and NJ and is not eligible for international shipping. On Amazon this product is listed with ASIN code B00G1C2A2C and item model number CR-013-Parent. Complete specifications of the product are:

  • Total Length of 34.5″
  • 175 pounds Draw Weight
  • Arrow velocity of 245Fps
  • Comes with shoulder strap

Pros and Cons

Jaguar CR-013 ScopeMany users don’t expect much from this crossbow given the price it is offered for. However there is no match for the quality and functionality CR-013 offers to hunters. The red-dot sight it comes is easy to focus and helps in hitting the target with most accuracy. At such an affordable price it is a great deal to buy this crossbow due to its compact size and light weight.

On the downside there is need felt to reinforce the screws attached to the limbs. Also the bolts offered with the crossbow are for practicing and not suitable for real hunting. For best shooting experiencing it is recommended by users to make use of carbon bolts.

You need not to think twice for JAGUAR CR-013 before buying it. At meager price it is offered it is a great value for your money. If you are new to crossbow hunting and shooting it is strongly recommended to start with this crossbow. It offered everything a first time crossbow user will need that to within budget.

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Review

Barnett BCX Buck CommanderWhat crossbows can do? Hunting, only that absolutely not! With the new Barnett BCX Buck Commander you can gain a lot more. Barnett is a known brand offering excellent crossbows for more than 50 years. With BCX they have added a dimension to their product range.

Superlight and extremely powerful the BCX Buck Commande is a must have tool for hunters. Experienced veterans and beginners can use this crossbow with same ease. All you need is the love for crossbows to make most of this product. The product is readily available online at attractive rates.


The Buck Commander Extreme (BCX) crossbow is provided with all the necessary features to make it a killer hunting tool. With compact 19-7/8″ axle to axle design and light weight of 7.1 pounds it is very easy to maneuver. With the use of 13-3/8″ power stroke the crossbow produces impressive 118 ft. pounds of kinetic energy which results into lightening fast speed of 365 FPS.

Recurve CrossbowSpecifications

The package measures 34.2 x 18 inches and measures 7.9 pounds with a total shipping weight of 12.6 pounds. The product is made in USA. On Amazon it is listed with ASIN code B00BD4X9ZU and item model number 78240.

Pros and Cons

The BCX crossbow has many points which make it one of the best Barnett products so far. Compact design and light weight makes it thumbs up crossbow for females and young adults. With 3.5lb trigger pull it gives you feeling like the gun, simply awesome! Whopping 365 FPS arrow speed will not give the target any time to escape. Shooting in dawn or at dusk is not a problem. The illuminated scope provided is not garbage unlike most scopes which come with crossbows. You will find the scope really accurate. The rope cocker makes loading arrow much easier.

Buck CommanderOn the downside the sight rail may deviate a little when shooting too many arrows. You need to work carefully with arrows as they are not too subtle and rigid. For some, setting up the scope was a problem but reading manual carefully will do the job.

Altogether this crossbow is excellent purchase for the price it is being offered. With excellent features like CRT riser and illuminated scope anyone can enjoy hunting and arrow shooting with BCX. It is great value for the money you pay. So what are you waiting for? Get it now and enjoy.